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Money Tree in Ceramic Pot - White & Blue Pattern, Small

Money Tree in Ceramic Pot - White & Blue Pattern, Small

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Small potted braided money tree in white and blue ceramic pot. It's a pet friendly and beginner friendly plant.


The arrangement can look slightly different from the product photo as all the plants are real and handmade.

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Perfect as a Memorable and Lasting Gift or a Unique House Plant
Add life to your home, office, or event with our healthy houseplants. Our potted houseplants will transform your home and serve as a lovely gift for those who love plants! 

  • S G.

    My husband and I bought a very pretty money tree from this place last Sunday. The owner was very friendly and professional. She told us all the plants in the store are very high quality. The moneytree I bought is also easy to maintain so I'm very much excited :)

  • YM C.

    Adorable freestanding shop in the mall. It's on the second floor, just outside Macy's. Wide selection of adorable succulents and pots, bonsai, and air plants. Very reasonably priced, too. I got this beautiful succulent for a co-worker, and the owner gave me specific watering instructions. I then went back a week later for a succulent for my Mom, and then ended up also getting two mini bonsai trees. The plants are all so adorable!

  • Irma N.

    The nicest and kindness lady selling beautiful cacti arrangements and beautiful bonsai trees. You made our day brighter and our 20th anniversary unforgettable by your contagious joy of what you do!!

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