What's your refund policy?

Refund policy for shipped orders and delivery orders

If the product arrives damaged or defective, please send us an email within 7 days of receiving your order to dewyflowersla@gmail.com with your name, order number, and photos of the damaged or defective item with a brief description. We will investigate the issue and provide a replacement or a refund.

Refund policy for store purchases and store pick up orders

We currently don't accept refunds or replacements for store purchases and store pick up orders. 

When will my product ship?

After an order is placed, it will take us 4-5 business days to ship. We will notify you once the product has shipped.

Where do you ship?

Due to legal restrictions, we are only able to ship within the contiguous United States.

Why am I paying for shipping?

Our shipping fees are fair and transparent. When businesses claim that they offer free shipping, the shipping cost is already incorporated into the product's price, and you'll be paying a fixed price no matter how close or far away you are from the business. To keep the price of our products reasonable and transparent, we do not hide them in the price of our products. You'll be charged for shipping based on your location.

When will you deliver my order?

Please select an available delivery date and time frame. After an order is placed we will notify you once the product is on its way. Our current local delivery schedule is limited. We're working on including more days and times to make shopping with us more convenient. 

How do I pick up my order?

After an order is placed, it will take us 4-5 business days to be ready for pick up. We will notify you once the product is ready for pick up. Please click here to see our location details.

Will my product look exactly match the product photo?

We'll do our best to match the style of our arrangements represented in the product photos. However, since this is handmade and there can be shortages of certain plants, it can be slightly different.