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Cacti & Succulent Trio in Modern White Concrete Pot

Cacti & Succulent Trio in Modern White Concrete Pot

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Potted cacti and succulents in a modern concrete planter. Fairy castle cactus, Haworthia, and angel wings cactus (bunny ear cactus) are used in this arrangement.

This arrangement will work well as decor on a window sill, desk, or a shelf.

Approximate measurements
11" x 4" x 6"


The arrangement can look slightly different from the product photo as all the plants are real and handmade. However, we guarantee that the style of the arrangement will match the product photo. 

If we have to substitute a plant due to lack of availability, we will use a similar plant of equal value and appearance.

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Ready for local delivery and in-store pick up in 4-5 business days. 

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Returns & Exchange

Your satisfaction is important to us! If you're not happy with our work, please contact us within 7 days of receiving the product so that we can correct any issues.

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Perfect as a Memorable and Lasting Gift or a Unique House Plant
Add life to your home, office, or event with our beautifully handcrafted succulent arrangements. Our creative succulent arrangements will serve as a unique and eye-catching house plant and a lovely gift for those who love plants! 

Made by Experienced Specialists Using Healthy Succulents
All arrangements are meticulously designed and created by our highly experienced and talented in-house arrangement artists based in Los Angeles using carefully selected healthy and vibrant succulents that are sure to bring a pop to any space. 

Long Lasting & Easy to Take Care of
Succulents and cacti are perennials which means they last a long time with appropriate care, and they are hardy plants that are low maintenance and easy to take care of. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed
If you're not satisfied with our work, contact us within 7 days of receiving the product so that we can correct any issues for you.

  • Kyle K.

    Love my little arrangement!! I've bought about 4 of these. Two small, one open one, and a large one that I posted a pic of. They last about 6 months for me and I water them randomly throughout the week. The lady is very sweet and sometimes works out deals for you if you combine buying two things. These look great at home, I keep them inside a room, with little sunlight. Definitely recommend buying from her, and she makes custom ones if you want any type of particular cactus.

  • Irma N.

    The nicest and kindness lady selling beautiful cacti arrangements and beautiful bonsai trees. You made our day brighter and our 20th anniversary unforgettable by your contagious joy of what you do!!

  • YM C.

    Adorable freestanding shop in the mall. It's on the second floor, just outside Macy's. Wide selection of adorable succulents and pots, bonsai, and air plants. Very reasonably priced, too. I got this beautiful succulent for a co-worker, and the owner gave me specific watering instructions. I then went back a week later for a succulent for my Mom, and then ended up also getting two mini bonsai trees. The plants are all so adorable!

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